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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What is an FCA Intern ?

Why a FCA Summer Internship?  

FCA can be one fo the best environments for college students to learn about ministry with real life, hands on training.  The internship provides opportunities to experience missionary life by working closely with FCA staff.  

How do I get Start?

Pray about your decision to see if this is the direction that God wants you to go.  Second, contact FCA staff in your area to find out what opportunities are available for you.  Finally, fill out an application if you would like to pursue this opportunity.  (Link)

What will I be doing?

There are many different experiences that you will have as an FCA Intern.   Below is a short list of the types of things that FCA interns often do:  

  • Lead Bible studies
  • Assist in the planning of our summer camps
  • Train and equip volunteers for ministry service
  • Improve your communication skills 
  • Help develop campus outreach ministry
  • Grow relationally with other churches and local ministries
  • Raise funds needed for ministry growth
  • Connect Jesus to the community in a powerful way
  • Clean and inventory equipment
  • Work long camp days in the hot, sticky, summer sun
  • Organize and file mountains of paperwork
  • Complete phone interviews with students that won't return your calls
  • Deal with difficult parents, volunteers and coaches
  • Get up early in the morning and work late into the evening

Hear from some former Interns...

Intern Heather Groves:

In 2011 I had my first experience with FCA when I volunteered as a huddle leader at a local Power Camp in Western Maryland. This exposure to FCA, what the organization stands for, and how their mission can impact people set me on the fast track to loving FCA camps, campers, huddle leaders and staff. I volunteered with FCA all through my high school years before deciding to intern with FCA in 2015. Interning with FCA was such a learning and growing experience for me. I received first hand experience in aiding with the managing of events, attending meetings and conference calls, organizing volunteers, conducting phone interviews and requesting aid from local businesses for upcoming camps. These are all technical aspects that I was able to learn during my internship, however, there was also a great deal of fun, spiritual growth and community as well. The interns and staff that I worked with daily became my new family for the summer. We spent many early mornings, long days and evening debriefings together pouring into, uplifting and praying over one another. Overall, my favorite thing about volunteering for and interning with FCA is absolutely the camps and campers. I have a huge passion for FCA and have built some of the most wonderful relationships and connections through the organization. I genuinely cannot say enough about FCA. I personally am an Exercise Science major, however, my time interning with FCA provided many new experiences and skills to my arsenal that I am thankful to have. Even if you may not be looking to work for FCA long term, this experience holds many benefits, connections and learning opportunities for all. If you are on the fence about working as an intern with FCA, stress no more. It is an incredible experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone. 

Intern Daniel Frederickson:

I participated in FCA’s summer (SALT) internship program during 2013 and 2014 where I discovered and cultivated a “sweet spot”: passion for sports and spreading the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. This internship helped me develop this sweet spot in three areas: sports, leadership, and evangelism. 


The athletics were an invaluable part of my internship experience and saturated everything we did from planning to playing. The sports never had to take a backseat; whether we stood up to play or sat down to pray, we glorified God through the amazing platform of sports. It was so satisfying because these great athletes and coaches cared more about Jesus than their sport. 


This internship helped me learn how to lead well through problem-solving and shared responsibility. We focused more time and energy on improving our efforts than discussing how things went wrong. Between coaches, huddle leaders, and kids we had a lot of ground to cover, but I could always depend on my fellow interns carry each other’s burdens and follow through effectively. We never shied away from a challenge, but sought a solution together. 


Evangelism was the unwavering focus of our efforts. My favorite and most rewarding part of the internship was praying with students and seeing children call on the Lord for salvation. Equipping coaches, advertising the camps, and conversing with huddle leaders all culminated in our one purpose: that the good news of Jesus may be heard and received. 

I will always look back on this internship grateful for the work God did in my personal life and amazed at His life-changing work in others.

Intern Zack Morgan:

When I was asked to be an intern for FCA by Scott Myers, I believe my first question was, “What’s FCA?” It’s hard to believe that the organization I knew nothing about would soon consume my life, mold me, encourage me, and challenge me for the next six years.  When I think of FCA and the internship program, the first word that comes to my mind is Community. FCA is truly a loving and passionate community of believers who want to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes (for those who don’t know – THAT’S FCA’s MISSION!) Building relationships with the other interns and staff members is probably one of the most impactful attributes of FCA. It truly meant so much for my faith during my college years of life!Why should you Intern? I am so glad you asked! You should intern if you can say yes to a few things… 1. – If you love sports! 2. – If you are passionate about advancing the Gospel! 3. – If you love people / youth! I’m sure there are many other reasons, but these three drove me to pursue this ministry for six years. God had given me the talents for athletics and a passion to teach and share the gospel with players, teammates and coaches, so this ministry was clearly “made for me!”The final part of this ministry that will be your biggest take-a-way is the man, the myth and the legend, Scott Myers. This guy is truly one of my favorite people. I am so thankful for his genuine care, attention and challenges to be the best I could be, how he instilled trust and belief in me by giving me responsibilities and also just how he mentors and truly pours into me as a young man. He is an amazing leader who God is using to do great things. By interning with FCA, I was able to meet some incredible people, gain valuable experience which directly related to my field of work, and was able to be around the things I love in life. You will be stretched, pushed and be laughing along the way, and God will use this time mightily in your life.