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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Monthly Prayer Meetings

Location: 1110 Opal Court, Suite 3, Hagerstown

Jan. 7            6:30-7am             July 1         6:30-7am

Jan. 15          6-6:30pm             July 16       6-6:30pm

Feb. 4            6:30-7am              Aug. 5         6:30-7am

Feb.19           6-6:30pm             Aug. 20      6-6:30pm

March 4         6:30-7am            Sept. 9        6:30-7am

March 19       6-6:30pm           Sept. 17      6-6:30pm

April 1            6:30-7am            Oct. 7          6:30-7am

April 16          6-6:30pm           Oct. 15        6-6:30pm

May 6            6:30-7am             Nov. 4         6:30-7am

May 21          6-6:30 pm           Nov. 19       6-6:30pm

June 3           6:30-7am             Dec. 2        6:30-7am

June 18         6-6:30pm            Dec. 17      6-6:30pm