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Every Spring, FCA hosts its annual FCA Victory Dinner.  A Victory Dinner is a fundraiser that not only asks for donations and investors to help move our ministry forward but also celebrates the victory in what God is doing in and through the ministry of FCA.  Each year FCA hosts a key note speaker come and share a testimony of what God has done and continues to do in their life through sports.  

In 2016, our dinner was hosted by Ringgold Church of Christ in Smithsburg MD.  Ringgold blessed FCA in a very special way by agreeing to feed all of our guests this evening with an amazing meal.  Our keynote speaker was former Maryland standout Adrian Branch who also played professionally and claims a championship ring with the LA Lakers.  Over 250 guests and huddle leaders attended this evening for a night of inspiration and laughter. 

We also heard testimony from former huddle leader and new staff member Joshua Kelly as well as the FCA President of Shepherd University Adam Coles.  Our 5th Annual Roesel Award Winner was none other than Mrs. Tanya Ball who has been a great example of FCA's core values as she continues to serve in the field.  Our huddle leaders who served the tables this night looked sharp in their UA MD Rise shirts.   

Because of the efforts of our dinner team (Amanda Wells, Matt Baker, Valen Meadows and Beth Provost) and our Leadership Board we were able to raise over $25,000 for the ministry of FCA.  These proceeds will help our local ministry move forward in a mighty way.  Thanks to everyone that worked hard to make this evening a success and a very special night.  Let the competition begin, may the glory be God's!  

Roesel Award Winners

2012     Mick Roesel

2013     Bob Bergstrom

2014      Amanda Wells

2015      Mike Cline

2016      Tanya Ball